5 Kitchen Trends for 2016-17

By | August 17, 2017

If you are planning to renovate your Kitchen this year, then it would be good to know what the latest kitchen trend is. You don’t want your kitchen to be lagging behind in style and décor, do you? So here are a few of the latest kitchen trends which you can use to renovate your own kitchen.

Popular color for Kitchen cabinets

This year a lot of bright colors will be in and all the wooden cabinets will become old and useless if you are planning to style your kitchen with them. As per the recommendations from our friend at KitchenGuyd, you can choose fresh colors like Equator Yellow or Bali Hai Blue or if you are really into bright colors, then you can try any bright color ranging from white to gray to dark pastel colors.

But make sure that you give them a mild edge so that they look both comfortable and classy at the same time. You will also need to get matching equipment and furniture to suit your colorful kitchen design.

Popular color for Kitchen cabinets

Adding a little greenery

One of the best ways to style your modern kitchen would be to introduce a lot of green plants and pots in your kitchen. It would add a little freshness and liveliness to your kitchen and it would look great with your colorful kitchen too. In fact, you could create your one whole wall with greenery which would give a really soothing composition to your kitchen.

Adding a Kitchen Island

Another great addition to your kitchen would be a center kitchen island. It is a great way to keep your kitchen space organized and will look both trendy and neat in the center space. It will also provide you with more storage space and with the latest handles and designs; it could really modernize your kitchen and make it look classier.

Adding a Kitchen Island

Use of decorative tiles

You can also give your kitchen a contemporary look by adding a few decorative tiles in your kitchen. You could add these tiles on the floor or the wall or the kitchen cabinets but make sure you choose a pattern which matches the overall color of the kitchen. These decorative tiles are a great way to exude a refreshing and contemporary look to your kitchen while looking creative and fun too. One piece of advice, make sure you don’t use such tiles with a wooden decoration as it would certainly turn your kitchen into a disaster then.

Black is the new in color

Black is definitely going to be the most popular and trendy color this year. Imagine your cabinets black in color, it will certainly add a wow factor to your kitchen. If you are planning to turn your kitchen into an uber cool zone and want it to look next level classy and chic, then you should definitely try the black color in your kitchen. Get a matching set of chairs and accessories and add a little black, classy island kitchen in the center and your kitchen would be the epitome of coolness. You can watch the below video for more creative learning.

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