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How to use Jojoba Oil in your Hair

Jojoba Essential Oil is one of the most versatile oil which can be used for several things like hair care, skin care, etc. It can take care of your split ends and can provide your hair with the nourishment and the nutrients that it needs. Wondering how to use jojoba oil for your hair? Well,… Read More »

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Pellet Smoker?

You might feel that using a pellet smoker will cost you less than other heating equipment in winter but that is not true. Although it is one of the most efficient ways to cook during winters, the initial cost and the fuel prices tend to make a pellet smoker an expensive commodity than other heating… Read More »

Building on What is Best About Our Small Town Communities

Poolesville Green promotes the appreciation, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, chiefly energy and water, in and around the town of Poolesville Maryland, including Dickerson, Barnesville, Boyds and Darnestown. Through our work, we hope to build on what is best about our small town communities. All About Solar Power Is Solar Energy right for… Read More »

What is the Deal on Climate Change?

Are you interested in climate change issues, but confused by all the political posturing? Check out some of these links for information on what we believe will be one of the most important issues of our lifetimes. Here is a link to a You Tube video, How It All Ends, by a high school teacher… Read More »