How Much Does It Cost To Run A Pellet Smoker?

By | May 15, 2017

You might feel that using a pellet smoker will cost you less than other heating equipment in winter but that is not true. Although it is one of the most efficient ways to cook during winters, the initial cost and the fuel prices tend to make a pellet smoker an expensive commodity than other heating equipment. Wondering what all costs are involved in a pellet smoker?

Initial Cost

Although the initial cost of running a pellet smoker doesn’t include the installation cost it is important to consider it if you are planning to use any savings money for getting this smoker. A pellet smoker tends to cost a lot and usually lies in a range of $1500 to $3000 which tends to go up if the installation is included and comes out to be something around $3500 to $4000.

On the other hand, a wood-burning stove and a natural gas furnace also cost you around $3200 for the initial piece and $4200 with the installation of the piece. This makes you wonder if buying a pellet smoker is really the right thing to do. If you are planning to go for a cheap pellet smokers under $600, then it might be worth the cost but if you are planning to buy a high-end pellet smoker, then you are not really saving your money.

Fuel Cost

The next thing to consider when buying a pellet smoker is the fuel cost. A pellet smoker uses wood pellets which cost around $250 per ton and a wood-burning stove uses a cord of wood which costs around $200 per ton. Although pellets cost more and produce only 75% of the amount of energy that the same amount of cord of wood produces, it is found to be more efficient which makes both the fuel costs almost equal.

You need to keep in mind though that every home uses 7.3 tons of wood pellets or 6.3 tons of cord of woods and since a pellet smoker uses electricity, you need to keep in mind the electricity cost too. Your monthly electricity bill for a stove comes out to be around $9 but with a pellet smoker, it will be more due to various features like fans, controls, feeder system and so on.

Cost per BTU

The next thing to do to determine the proper cost of pellet stove heat would be to compare it with other fuels in terms of energy output. Since a ton of pellet woods cost around $250 and give you an efficiency of 85%, a pellet stove will cost you around $18 but if it gives an efficiency of 75%, it will cost you more than %20. Although the cost per BTU for a pellet smoker is less, there are still so many costs to think about before you end up buying a smoker for yourself.

So, make sure that you consider all the above-mentioned costs and only go for a heating equipment which won’t cause you a ton of money.

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