Poolesville Green: Water

By | December 1, 2016

Consider participating in the Rainscapes Rewards Program

Don’t miss out on Montgomery County’s RainScapes Rewards Program. The program allows property owners to turn their yards into living sponges by absorbing rainfall into the ground. The program provides property owners with rebates for installing environmentally friendly landscaping. Specific programs are available for raingardens, conservation landscaping, tree canopies, permeable pavers, green roofs, rain barrels and cisterns, and dry wells.

These efforts are particularly important in this area of Montgomery County. Poolesville relies on an aquifer for its drinking water, and its creeks, streams and rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay. Water that runs into storm drains does not recharge our aquifer adequately, often carrying with it pesticides, fertilizers, soil and debris. Simple changes can beautify your lawn, increase our town’s water supply, and help improve the quality of our local surface waters.

Protect Your Groundwater Day

September 13th was Protect Your Groundwater Day. Because Poolesville and many surrounding areas get their water from an aquifer, protecting our water supply is critical to region’s future. Improper use of fertilizers, animal manures, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides will cost us all. Learn more at National Groundwater Association

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